Tejesvi Mysore

Chief Executive Officer

Anna Maria Pirttilä

Scientific Advisor

About Us

We have developed highly effective, antimicrobial coated catheters to prevent HAIs. We have a dedicated team of experts involved in the design and development of coated catheters aiming to minimize the risks of HAIs. The company was established as a spin-out from the University of Oulu, where R&D activities were carried out by the founders of the company.

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Juhani Lahdenperä

Business Development Manager

Tomi Järvinen

Chairman of the Board


Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) affect 4 million people annually, resulting in 16 million extra days of hospital stay, amounting to € 7 billion direct costs. HAIs cause more deaths annually than those caused by prostate and breast cancer.

Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs) affected more than 93,300 patients in the USA in 2011 (CDC).

Prevalence of HAI

– European countries: 7.1% (ECDC 2002)

– Finland 9.1%

– USA: 4.5% (9.3 infections per 1000 patient-days and 1.7 million affected patients)

Prevalence of CAUTI

– Most frequent type of HAI

– Related to urinary catheter use

– 36% in the USA

– 27% in Europe

– Estimated 93,300 UTIs in acute care hospitals in 2011 in the United States (CDC data)

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CHAIN Antimicrobials Ltd’s lead product, peptide-coated catheters (PAC) show high promise as an effective and safe means to prevent CAUTI, since the molecule has

Efficacy: Broad-spectrum antimicrobials (1-16 µg/ml)
Safety according to ISO 10993-5 (2009), & ISO 10993-12 (2012)
Covalently linked to the surface of catheter
Cost-effective manufacturing
In-vitro data showing activity against biofilm formation

These properties support the claim that PACs  could be optimal for preventing CAUTI.


CHAIN Antimicrobials Ltd. has developed highly effective antimicrobial peptides. The CHAIN peptides are coated on catheters to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. We have conducted several in-vitro tests on our products with positive results.


The PACs are intended to prevent bacterial attachment on the urinary catheters


In-vitro experiments have shown that the peptides can kill or inhibit bacteria associated with UTI


Preclinical trials are under way to test efficacy in animal models.

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